About Lynne Yvonne

“Give us a short biography”, they say, “just something we can use to introduce you.”


How can I show in a few words that I’m interesting, enlightened, smart, funny and talented? 

Let’s see… 

I’m a psychic medium.  I do in-person in Orange County, California and phone readings. I love doing demonstrations — giving proof of life beyond what we know.  I’m currently preparing a class, which will be held as a four-part series. I am called to these practices, and honored to provide these services. But they are not, of course, who I am, nor do they speak to how I got here.

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I always figured I’d be a therapist when I “grew up,” it’s what I studied in college.  I have always had what was often called “uncanny” intuition.  When I applied that intuition to case studies, or even real clients, while I almost always came to the correct conclusion, my professors were not satisfied with how I got there… “I just know…” did not convince them that I understood.  Eventually I accepted that this wasn’t my path.  It took many tries and more missteps before one day I found myself in a psychic development class (I’d been looking for a meditation class). Oh, this turned out to be the most fun I’d ever had!  Here is where I discovered that I’m psychic!  The first few exercises in class opened my eyes wide in astonishment.  All that I had been feeling, intuiting and talking over the years was valid!  From this class I was hooked and haven’t stopped.  And the more I explored psychic classes, or attended demonstrations, the more I knew I was where I was meant to be. It’s brought me more pleasure, joy and deep satisfaction than I could imagine. To be able to give psychic or mediumistic information, that brings clarity, understanding, connection, love and closure, brings me sheer joy and gratification. I couldn’t be more thankful to be on this path!

I’ve studied with gifted teachers — James van Praagh, Chris Drew, Gordon Smith and Eileen Davies. I’m furthering that education with Michael Mayo, a medium I deeply respect. But everyone I work with, whether I’m the teacher, or the student, has something to instill.  The mediumship is paramount, but their insights and perspectives are equally important. I believe that in order to do this work, it’s imperative to do the personal work, as well. Understanding myself allows me to get out of the way and leave a clear path for Spirit to inspire me and hear what I’m being given.

When I connected my first client with a lost loved one, the look on their face gave me goosebumps. It often still does!  In every reading, that moment of recognition from my client is priceless. As I bring their loved one forward, adding depth and detail to the picture, it resonates with my own soul. This work is a sacred mission. Spirit honors me by working with me, giving me the opportunity to reach in and touch people on the most intimate of levels. I take this very seriously. It’s private, personal and has the ability the change people’s lives. I am eternally grateful to be a part of it all.